Suppliers & Partners

We know most of our suppliers personally.
We have chosen them because they have gone off the beaten track and opted for creative, committed and sustainable production. We focus on regional products because we want to take the aspect of sustainability into account in the transport routes as well. Sometimes we make exceptions, for example if the people and their products have impressed us so much that we turn a blind eye to the issue of regionality. Or if the Swiss banana is simply not available.

Brunner Eichhof

The Brunner family runs the Eichhof in Spins / Aarberg already in the sixth generation. The socially committed family business is always good for a surprise. The vegetables are grown organically, produced with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm, and are anything but 08/15.

Beer from microbreweries

Our suppliers also include microbreweries. Their beers are a discovery and always find a lover or a lover:

Burgdorf beer

The home of Burgdorf beer is the one in the Burgdorfer Kornhaus. The beers of the Burgdorf brewery are known in the region and beyond, as a specialty, cultural asset and also as a trademark. In addition to the "Hellen" and "Aemme", beer sommelier Oliver Honsel produces special beers, with a lot of heart and soul and creative ideas.

Espro micro herbs and sprouts

Since 1990, Espro from Uetendorf near Thun has been producing sprouts, seedlings and microherbs in great variety. They round off every dish deliciously.


Foodoo is very committed to sustainability. Food that is not profitable for wholesalers is processed into high-quality products. Let yourself be surprised.

Ingredienza fresh pasta

Rolf Thalheim's pasta factory in Bern puts the ingredients at the heart of its pasta production. These are supplied by farms in the region. The seasonal pasta, most of which is produced in licensed organic quality, makes every dish a taste experience.

Etter & Berno

Etter & Berno is located in Ried near Kerzers and supplies us whenever necessary with fresh vegetables and fruit. Thus, short transport routes can be ensured and the existing rather scarce storage capacity with us, is sufficient.

Butcher shop Simperl

The Simperl butchery from Gümligen focuses on species-appropriate husbandry and only supplies meat of the highest quality.

Scala-vini Scala Gusti

Reto Künzi and Thomas Adank stand out for their fantastic taste. What they import or produce is simply good. We enjoy some of their products, for example the Lia olive oil from Greece or the Gölles vinegars from Austria - and much more.

Elyn & Sol

Evelyne, a friend from school, creates the jewelry of Elyn & Sol together with a travel acquaintance from Thailand. Evelyne designs the bijou and her friend in Thailand creates it.


The coffee

With the coffee we have hit the jackpot. They import directly from the farmer, know this and even still ensure that no monoculture is created. Roasting takes place in beautiful Rüedisbach. Daniel and Christine Suter represent exactly our values, which is why we are so happy to work with them.


Patric Fuhrimann and Hoa Tran are behind this company - with passion and enthusiasm. They know the Bolivian producers of their products personally. This guarantees organic quality, fair trade and exceptional packaging. The packaging is designed by artists in Bolivia.


In the assortment of Vinvino there are no standard wines. Both the wine for every day, as well as the wine for exceptional moments always bears a personal signature. Hugo, owner of Vinvino, says: "At Vinvino you will find exceptional and great wines to fall in love with!" And we can testify to that.

Limoncello Manufacture

A bit of Italy in Switzerland, thanks to Daniel Stalder. The banker treats us to delicious hand-selected limoncello, arancello and mandarincello.


Gutsch offers oat milk without compromise. Everything from Switzerland and organic. Behind Gutsch is a cooperative, in which we are also members. The initiators are constantly striving to professionalize the oat milk and sustainability is their top credo.

Jenni farm

Sustainable fish farming is the goal of the Jenni farm.

We especially enjoy the collaboration with Vanessa. This came about through her visit with her daughter Sarah to our Couteau. We find it super cool to know who is behind the fish we cook.

Alma Barru

For a long time we were looking for beautiful ceramics, which was created under sustainable conditions, we may purchase unique pieces and all at a fair price.

Alma Barru, that's Julia and Nelson, both love Portugal, beautiful things and good craftsmanship . With alma barru they bring products to Switzerland that convince and please them - us too!

Schilling cooking technology

We also deal directly with our partner Fridolin Schilling when purchasing machines or equipment. He has many years of experience in the field of gastronomy and always finds a solution even if the initial situation is somewhat unconventional:)